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“Shut It Down” by Drake Feat The-Dream (NO TAGS, NO DJ) (Click Here To Download)

This song was originally supposed to be the first single off of his upcoming album “Thank Me Later” but they decided to go with “Over” instead. This song leaked yesterday but with a horrible “For clearance sample only” voice that repeated over the whole song every 2 seconds. But here is a Tagless,DJ-less version.



“Day Dreamer” by Gorilla Zoe (Click Here To Download)

This track has the same vibe that “Lost” had from Gorilla Zoe. Originally Kid Cudi’s beat from back in 2008 but Cudi never used it for anything so i guess Gorilla Zoe snatched it up. Music Video Below & below that is a video of Kid Cudi working with the beat back in 2008.


“I Don’t Like The Look” by Gudda Gudda Feat Lil Wayne (Click Here To Download)

New song off of Gudda Guddas upcoming mixtape “Back 2 Guddaville”. This one samples the famous Umpa Lumpa song from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

Check out the :20 sec mark


“Wall” by Brisco Feat Lil Wayne (Click Here To Download)

This one has a badass hook to it courtesy of Wayne. Lyrics by Brisco are OK but not great.


“Fall For Your Type” by Drake (Click Here To Download)

Word around the blogosphere is that this is a demo track that Drake wrote for Jaime Foxx’s upcoming album. In my personal opinion he should hold on to this one and put it on Thank Me Later.


“OMG” by Usher Feat Will.I.Am (Click Here To Download)

A new Dance/Pop type song from Usher off his upcoming album “Raymond vs Raymond”. This one is going to be a radio/club hit but it took a while for me to like this one.

Back from Spring Break…

Really have not been posting this past week, just been chilling and enjoying my spring break off. Have alot of songs and stuff to post later today.



CuDi originally shot this video for the song but for some reason he decided to reshoot it again. (Watch that version here). In my opinion this 1st version speaks more true to the songs meaning.


“IM BACK” by T.I. (Click Here To Download)

The King of the South is Back! First single from T.I. Off his upcoming album coming out at the end of summer. August 24th.


“I DO MY THING” feat SNOOP DOGG (Click Here To Download)

This song leaked yesterday. It was originally thought to be produced by Dr. Dre but this morning CuDi set the facts straight on his blog. This was recorded around the time he was recording his first album Man on the Moon : The END of DAY but he decided to hold on to it for his upcoming summer album “CUDDER: The Revolution of Evolution”