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Four Artist To Watch Out For In 2010

I have been following these artist all year(2009) and am glad too see them finally getting buzz about them in the music industry. Here are 4 artist to watch out for in 2010! You are going to be hearing alot about these dudes this year!

1. Mike Posner

Mike Posner is a 21 year old senior at Duke University whos music is a blend of hip-hop/R&B/Techo/Pop. While you may not like his sound at first (because he sounds so different) I guarantee that you will be singing his songs later in the day!

His first mix-tape “A Matter Of Time” came out this past February (2009) and its highlights are Drug Dealer Girl, Cooler Then Me,Smoke and Drive, And Matter Of Time.

Click Here To Download “A Matter Of Time Mix-tape”

His newest mix-tape was released “One Foot Out The Door” was released this past Halloween  and has highlights like Mirrors Eddge, Speed Of Sound and I Dont Trust Myself.

Click Here To Download “One Foot Out The Door”

2 B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray

B.o.B is exactly what hip-hop needs, a breath of fresh air, his mix of great lyrical skills and ability to sing great hooks make him the perfect combination

His mix-tape B.o.B. Vs Bobby Ray came out this past summer in June and was one of the greatest mix-tapes of 2009 (behind Drake’s So Far Gone) The fist half shows off his lyrical skills and the second half of it shows off his singing and song writing abilities.

Click here to download B.o.B vs Bobby Ray

Also the guys over at support him so strongly they compiled a mix-tape of their own called “Should of been the first album” to help spread the buzz about B.o.B. highlights include Hip Hop Aint Dead, Generation Lost and Created A Monster

Click Here To download “Should Have Been The Fist Album”

3. Laze & Royal

The twin bros from Califorina are a hip-hop duo to be dealt with. They produce and write songs for tons of artist and have really good hit making abilities. Their mix-tape “Kiss Myslef Goodbye” came out this past year. Highlights include 3 Way love feat ne-yo, in my room feat chester french, my head feat coldplay and stobelight.

Click Here To Download “Kiss Myself Goodbye”

4. XV (Pronounced Vizzy)

Last but defiantly not least is XV he produces, he raps he makes hits. Do not sleep on this dude! He released his mix-tape “Every Body’s NOBODY” this past summer and highlights include “come back down” Gobstoppers” “Undeniable” Start A Way” Mirrors Edge” & “Blinded”

Click Here to Download Everybody’s Nobody